The function of the dryer of the chest freezer


The performance of the compressor dryer of the chest fr […]

The performance of the compressor dryer of the chest freezer and supermarket freezer directly determines the quality of the final product. The low temperature freezer freezer dryer is the key equipment in the production process of aseptic preparations. The high performance low temperature freezer freezer dryer is the guarantee of product quality. In order to make the medicinal low-temperature freezer dryer develop in a direction that is more conducive to product production, and to improve production efficiency, reduce resource waste and facilitate production operations while ensuring product quality, the development and production enterprises of supermarket freezer dryers meet the needs.

Due to the evaporator of the refrigeration system in the water catcher, the technical field of the low-temperature freezer freezer dryer is: food vacuum freeze-drying technology. At present, domestic and foreign food vacuum low temperature freezer freezer dryers process materials. Most of them are made of red copper, so the by-product—the pure sublimation water obtained after the frost is melted, has no drinking value, and about 80% of the by-product—drinking pure sublimated water. It is mainly composed of freeze-drying box, hollow plate, main valve, cold trap, capture tube, evacuation valve, vacuum pump, cold trap valve, refrigerator, refrigeration valve, cold exchanger, heater, circulating pump and other components. The utility model is simple in structure and convenient for sterilization, and relates to a vacuum supermarket freezer dryer. It is mainly composed of sealing flange, valve body, valve stem, support frame and propulsion device, and the main valve structure of the low temperature freezer freezer dryer. The freeze-drying box is connected with the cold trap through a sealing flange, the propulsion device is fixed at the tail of the cold trap, the support frame is used to support the valve stem, the valve body device is at the top of the valve stem, and the end of the valve stem is connected with the propulsion device. The valve body is mushroom-shaped. The supermarket freezer of the utility model is a main valve structure of a vacuum freeze-drying machine with simple structure, large diameter and long service life, which is convenient for maintenance.

The supermarket freezer is mainly composed of a box, a water capture pipe and a support frame, and the low temperature freezer freezer dryer has a cold trap structure. The box tube is a horizontally placed cylindrical shape; the support frame is annular and fixed on the box tube; the water catching pipes are arranged in a serpentine shape in the box tube and fixed on the support frame. The low temperature freeze dryer is a cold trap structure of a low temperature freeze dryer with a simple structure, uniform frost trapping and high water trapping efficiency.

The low temperature freezer freezer dryer belongs to the category of freezers. It includes a drying cabin and a condenser, and a heating plate is arranged in the drying cabin along the axial direction. Its main feature is that at least two condensers are arranged on the drying cabin, and there is a vacuum valve. The low-temperature freezer freezer dryer adopts distributed parameter design. The system consists of several identical hosts to realize large-scale production of small equipment. It has good structure and manufacturability, reliable performance, low energy consumption, high efficiency, easy maintenance, low product cost and wide application. , easy to popularize, simple structure, easy to manufacture, easy to operate, low energy consumption, and reduce the manufacturing cost of the whole machine by about one third. The supermarket freezer can be moved to work, and each single or multi-section drying chamber and the corresponding refrigerator and vacuum pump can be transported to any production site, such as rural areas and pastures, to meet the needs of seasonal or on-site processing.

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