Technical applications of freezing and refrigeration


Nowadays, people's life quality requirements are gettin […]

Nowadays, people's life quality requirements are getting higher and higher, and they choose fresh and delicious food. If you want to ensure the quality of food, you must control the temperature of freezing and refrigeration. The application of this freezer chain is very extensive. It closely links food manufacturers, retailers and consumers. To ensure that all three parties can get good protection, only through reasonable storage and transportation.

First, the most fundamental factor in the quality of frozen and refrigerated products is that the raw materials used in this product are not suitable for storage in freezers, freezers, and refrigerators. And what kind of product material should choose the appropriate technology.

Second, frozen and refrigerated foods are not only about the right temperature, but also about the time. If refrigerated and frozen for too long, it will destroy the original nutrition and taste of food.

Third, a series of refrigeration equipment such as chest freezer, refrigerators, freezers, and freezers can achieve such a low temperature effect mainly by compressors. Then the compressor is divided into domestic and imported, which should be decided according to the conditions such as the capacity and material of the freezer, freezer, freezer, and freezer.

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