Precautions for the use of refrigerators


(1) Newly purchased or re-used freezers should stand fo […]

(1) Newly purchased or re-used freezers should stand for 2 to 6 hours before opening. Before use, energize the empty box for 2 to 6 hours. Can not start immediately after shutdown, need to wait more than 5 minutes to avoid the compressor burn out:

(2) Regularly clean the compressor and condenser; during the use and management of the freezer, the condenser will adhere to a lot of dust and other debris, so the cooling effect of the condenser may be greatly reduced, and the cooling effect will continue to decline. Therefore, in winter, the condenser should be cleaned thoroughly so that it can work at its best in summer;

(3) The freezer should be evenly placed to avoid deformation of the laminate due to uneven distribution of force;

(4) Clean the freezer regularly (at least once every 2 months), preferably wipe it once a month, which can better prolong the service life of the chest freezer; cut off the power first when cleaning, use neutral detergent and water Scrub lightly, then dip in clean water to wipe off the cleaning agent. Do not use washing powder, alkaline detergent, Tiannan water, boiling water, oil, brush, etc. to clean the refrigerated display cabinet;

(5) When the freezer is not used for a long time, the power plug should be unplugged, the inside of the box should be wiped clean, and the inside of the box must be fully dry.

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