Is it normal that there is water mist on the glass door of the freezer


With the improvement of people's living standards, the […]

With the improvement of people's living standards, the application of freezers has become more and more extensive, not only limited to convenience stores, but also involved in the use of display cabinets in more fields. Sometimes with the approach of a typhoon, the problem of water mist on the glass door also comes out. Is it normal for the glass door to have water mist?

In the commercial field, the freezer adopts insulating glass, which is composed of two or more glass plates evenly spaced by effective support spacers, and the periphery is bonded and sealed. The heat transfer characteristics of the insulating glass determine the anti-condensation effect of the refrigeration display cabinet.

First: When the freezer starts to work, when the temperature inside the box is lower than the temperature outside the box, heat will be transferred, and heat will be transferred from the outside of the box to the inside of the box through the insulating glass, resulting in a temperature difference, which leads to the generation of water mist. . When the outdoor temperature is too high, the temperature in the cabinet can be adjusted appropriately to reduce the generation of water mist.

Second: With the arrival of the typhoon, the rainy weather increases, causing the humidity in the air to exceed the normal range of the freezer, which is the main reason for the water mist problem on the glass door. Does it mean that there will be no water mist if it does not rain? This idea is incorrect. The following is to popularize other reasons for everyone.

Third: Supporting the spacer is also one of the reasons for the generation of water mist. Since the thermal conductivity of the support spacers reduces the thermal resistance of the glass periphery, the periphery of the glass door, especially the lower edge, is prone to condensation. When you see a lot of water droplets on the door frame, don't be nervous, this is a normal phenomenon, you can use a rag to clean up the water droplets.

How to avoid the water mist problem?

Glass doors are divided into: double-layer insulating glass, Low-E glass, heating glass. These are arranged according to the size of the resistance to humidity. If you want to completely eliminate the problem of water mist, you can choose a heated glass door.

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