What are the application areas of household ice maker?


The ice cubes produced by household ice machines or sma […]

The ice cubes produced by household ice machines or small ice making mechanisms are crystal clear, beautiful, clean and so on, suitable for beverage preparation, decoration, food preservation and so on. It is widely used in hotels, bars, restaurants, cold drink shops, convenience stores and other places where ice is needed. The application of commercial cold drinks is the most common application of commercial ice machines, generally edible ice, using tap water or bottled water in accordance with national standards to make ice. For example, in summer, people are used to adding ice to the drink to cool down.

First, the application of commercial ice machines in bars, the bar is one of the favorite entertainment places for young people. The bar offers a wide selection of alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine, wine and cocktails. A band or singer and a professional dance team perform on site. The hot atmosphere, the addition of iced wine, makes people forget the troubles and stress. Usually the bar will be equipped with a 500 kg-2000 kg ice machine. Second, the application of commercial ice machine in the tea shop, milk tea shop, beverage shop, etc. can be seen everywhere in the streets of China. Cold drinks have become an indispensable consumer goods. In the summer, people like to order a drink to join the ice and chat with them. Usually the tea shop will be equipped with a 50-1000 kg ice machine.

Three household ice machines and small ice machines are used in family cold drinks. With the improvement of people's living standards, many families will be equipped with a Nissan 20kg mini ice machine, kitchen cooking, summer cold drinks, soy milk, juice added to ice. Blocks can not only cool down but also increase the taste, etc. It is an indispensable household appliance for family gatherings of friends and family. Ice machines are also used in places such as bar and restaurant convenience stores.

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