Industrial refrigeration industry application analysis


The selection of the second heat transfer oil for refri […]

The selection of the second heat transfer oil for refrigeration equipment is very strict. The application of thermal oil in the type of chiller must choose a good brand and depend on the target parameters? Under the trend of environmental protection, most fake and inferior thermal oil products are released! If the temperature rises due to bad weather, there is a risk of freezing equipment. In addition, the frequent start of the compressor is not conducive to oil return. After welding, it should be cooled in the atmosphere with water cooling; check the condition of the end of the unit before starting. The microcomputer control system has powerful functions such as automatic adaptation to the safety communication fault judgment-the compressor will automatically run after the delay off delay. Experts point out that the low-quality chillers on the market cut corners and use inferior components in the manufacturing process to reduce costs, and most of them have not been inspected or certified, which has caused serious quality problems and hidden safety hazards. The correct method is to discharge the cooling water system from the condenser outlet side once a week according to the three-level three method and to drain the cooling water system once a week according to this method-buying a cooler at this time not only has enough time to compare many products Quality also has great advantages in this regard. In the refrigeration industry, summer is the peak season and busy time of the factory. In summer, as the temperature gradually increases, the chiller has become a popular product and is loved by ice maker suppliers.

Refrigeration equipment manufacturers, industrial refrigeration industry, application analysis, poor quality thermal oil, short service life, easy to scale, because the compressor is stopped for a short period of continuous operation, oil can only be left in the pipeline because there is no time to form a stable high-speed air flow in the return pipe, when The compressor is the key to the refrigeration system and refrigeration when using industrial chillers; check the condition of the cooling tower before starting to check whether the chilled water pump and the cooling water pump of the water system are started to check whether the water system is operating properly to ensure that no gas is entrained to ensure the water pressure into the system Reduced to the required range: please shut down the freezing equipment in reverse order when shutting down-at the same time we can also see the chiller in many fields. It is normal for the compressor to automatically stop when the chilled water temperature reaches the set temperature. The delivery time of industrial chillers, especially screw chillers, is relatively long-in this case, in order to help customers save, here are some energy-saving methods of chillers. It is for reference only and only for customers when they encounter problems in actual work~ When selecting a chiller, the function of the product should be more important than the quality of the product. The evaporative condenser uses an elliptical coil to increase the surface area of ​​the coil and enhance the flow characteristics of the air and water outside the spacing coil to improve the heat exchange efficiency.

Which industrial chillers are good to share today, we must pay attention to the cooler plays a very important role in industry? If the oil return is less than the flushing compressor, there will be a shortage of oil! The impurities will be separated and the temperature will not rise under high temperature conditions. The oil injection environment will appear when water vapor appears. With the rapid development of industrial chillers, there are more and more users, but the chillers are in use. Inevitably there will be some failures,

Refrigeration equipment company manufacturers industrial refrigeration industry application analysis refrigeration equipment is naturally no discount in the off-season. The temperature threshold should be set below to prevent the evaporator from freezing. Always pay attention to and local weather forecast to have a clear understanding of daily temperature changes. Targeted air-conditioning work is more concerned about the climate change in typhoon-prone coastal areas-only qualified chillers can bring better cooling effects to users. The utility model has the advantages of low water consumption rate, corrosion resistance, small occupation area, convenient maintenance and installation-a cooler in the refrigeration process of electroplating chemical printing pharmaceutical plastics and other industries.

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