How to defrost the refrigerator


The following methods can be used; first disconnect the […]

The following methods can be used; first disconnect the power supply.
1) Pour a cup of hot water on the refrigerator shelf and open the door, let the steam evaporate naturally, and let the ice slowly melt away. As long as it is slightly loosened, and then a deicing shovel can be used to shovel a large piece of ice, or you can pull it lightly with your hand. Be careful not to pour hot water directly on the refrigeration pipe or evaporator. 2) Take the hair dryer, turn on the small gear, and blow slowly at least 50cm away from the refrigeration pipe and evaporator. As mentioned above, as long as there is a little looseness, it can be shoveled off. It should be noted here that the wind speed and temperature cannot be turned to the high gear, and it is also not allowed to blow directly at the instrument at close range, so as to avoid the refrigeration tube from being stimulated by strong cold and heat. 3) Use a small electric fan to face the freezing (hidden) room , Blow for a few minutes and the ice cubes will begin to fall, even if they don’t fall off immediately, just use a shovel or a shovel. This approach is the most recommended method, and has three advantages:
1. Fast, faster than hot water, under normal circumstances, it can be done within ten minutes;
2. The ice cubes fall down into pieces. When cleaning, just sweep away the old ice cubes. It will not make the ice water drip everywhere, and it is better to handle than all the water.
3. It will not cause slight damage to the refrigerator, because there is no direct contact with the inside of the refrigerator, so there will be no external damage. When these methods are used, the ice will naturally be removed. Then wipe it with a clean towel. Try to use medical alcohol or diluted vinegar to wipe it with a towel as disinfection, then wipe the alcohol or vinegar with a wrung towel with water, and finally dry it with a dry towel without leaving water stains or moisture. . Another small step is to apply a little cooking oil on the wall of the freezer with a paper towel or towel or cotton yarn, so that the next defrosting will be easier.

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