Freezer maintenance method


No matter how good the product is, if you want to use i […]

No matter how good the product is, if you want to use it for a long time, you must pay attention to maintenance. What's more, the freezer that we often work 24 hours a day, long-term work for refrigeration, but also requires good maintenance, cleaning and use for a long time.

First, for the freezer with thick icing, disconnect the power supply of the freezer first, and then the work of defrosting. You can put a bowl of hot water to melt the frost, but be careful not to use sharp tools for defrosting, because it will easily damage the aluminum. Evaporator. Wipe the freezer from the inside out with a clean cloth.

Second, when the freezer is deactivated, a piece of paper can be placed between the door seal and the freezer to prevent the door seal from sticking to the freezer. However, most of the refrigerators developed and produced by the commercial refrigerators of Shengbao refrigerator manufacturers are automatic rebound doors, so there is no need to worry about bonding in the freezer door seal.

Third, the refrigerator should be placed in a dry and ventilated place, away from direct sunlight, away from fire or heating. If you move the position, you should pay attention to the stability of the freezer. Due to the humidity in the air, do not cover the freezer with a plastic sheet to cover the dust. Because the plastic sheet is not air-permeable, the moisture will not easily dissipate when it enters. It is easy to cause corrosion of the metal parts of the freezer. To prevent the freezer from falling ash, put a newspaper or tablecloth on the top of the freezer when the freezer is not in use.

Regular power-on During the period when the freezer is out of service, you can power on once a month to let the compressor run for 2 to 4 hours to keep the freezer pipeline unblocked and make the freezer compressor run flexibly. After the power is turned on, the water vapor of the freezer should be wiped dry with a soft cloth to prevent corrosion.

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