Deodorization device of freezer


Fiber activated carbon plus automatic activation functi […]

Fiber activated carbon plus automatic activation function deodorization device. In view of the deficiency of adsorption and deodorization of granular activated carbon, some icebox manufacturers have developed this new deodorization device. Ion plate deodorizer is one of them. The flow direction of the positive and cold air of the equipment of the deodorization device. In order to completely remove the Wu gas in the freezer, the deodorization device should be installed at the inlet of the return air duct, which is the only way for the cold air in the freezer. The cold air from the evaporator passes through the air duct, passes through the cold storage room, ice greenhouse, vegetable room, and then returns to the evaporator through the deodorization device. Odor coating device structure. There are ion plates and honeycomb fiber activated carbon in the freezer to absorb, decompose and neutralize the odor passing through, and remove the odor. The honeycomb fiber activated carbon in the deodorization device rapidly adsorbs a large amount of odor with several ion plates, and the oxidation deodorization and decomposition deodorization are carried out at the same time, mainly to decompose the odor components adsorbed by the activated carbon in the freezer into low molecular weight molecules, and release them after odor-free.
Compared with the granular activated carbon, the fibrous activated carbon in the freezer has a larger surface area, and the speed of adsorption and deodorization also increases. The manufacturing method of activated carbon fiber is to carbonize cellulose and polyacrylonitrile, and then activate it with oxidizing gas. Freezer activation is to remove the tar attached to the pores of carbides and reveal the pores. Granular activated carbon has micropores at the Luan of the pores. Unlike granular activated carbon like coconut shell activated carbon, the micropores of the freezer fiber activated carbon are the surface of the exposed fibers, which have the characteristics of rapidly adsorbing molecules in gaseous state. Honeycomb fiber activated carbon is made of cut fiber activated carbon and pulp together into paper pieces, and then processed and formed into honeycomb. Compared with the granular activated carbon filling layer, the pressure loss caused by honeycomb fiber activated carbon in the freezer is significantly reduced, and the odor molecules reaching the surface can be quickly absorbed.
Refrigerator ozone plus catalyst deodorization device. It is a deodorization device developed for the problems existing in the deodorization of ordinary ozone generators. The upper and lower layers of honeycomb catalysts are installed in the air supply pipes, and the electrodes (ceramic electrodes) are installed between them to generate ozone through surface discharge. The catalyst in the freezer can not only improve the deodorization effect, but also decompose the residual ozone to prevent the ozone from flowing into the freezer. The ozone attached to the catalyst is decomposed/so the catalyst is constantly activated. Because it is placed in the multi-outlet air supply duct and does not need a special fan, it is energy-saving and silent.
Heating pipe deodorization device. It is made by applying deodorization catalyst on the surface heated by the defrosting glass tube used in the intercooled freezer. The catalyst has two components: one is the catalyst used for adsorption, such as silica, alumina, etc; The other is catalyst for decomposition of adsorbed odor, such as platinum and cerium oxide.
The defrosting heater of the pre-freezer is installed in the cooling air circulation channel, so the odor in the freezer is continuously absorbed by the adsorption catalyst on the surface of the glass tube during the operation of the freezer. When the freezer is defrosted, the heating pipe is powered on. At the same time as the evaporator is defrosted, the catalyst coated on the pipe is also heated. After the catalyst that plays a role in decomposition is heated, it can oxidize and decompose the adsorbed odor into odorless substances, and desorb on the catalyst coating. The generated oxides, water, etc. are discharged from the drainage pipe. This method is used to eliminate the drought, fruit and elbow of sunflower in the freezer, which is a deodorant device of Chenxiang.

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