Cold storage installation details and precautions


During the installation of cold storage, big problems a […]

During the installation of cold storage, big problems are paid more attention, that is, some small details have not attracted attention, but these small details are often easy to cause big problems. So, what details should be paid attention to during the installation of cold storage? Here is a brief introduction for everyone.

Cold storage wire discharge: need to use corrugated hose or cable trough to pass through the pipe protection, all wires except the air conditioner cable tie. The temperature display wire should not be tied to the wire as much as possible.

Cold storage radiator installation: It is recommended to place it on the upper side of the host. The closer the radiator is to the host, the better. The radiator is equipped with the best heat dissipation environment. The air inlet should not face the air outlet of other equipment, especially oily gas. The air outlet should not be short-circuited and face other windows (especially residents' windows) and equipment. The device is level and firm.

When the refrigeration system is installed in the cold store and connected to the unsealed, the condenser and evaporator of the main machine are pressure sealed in the factory. There should be pressure to check whether there is leakage. The factory copper pipes should have dust sealing measures at both ends. It should also be sealed at any time during construction to prevent water and dust from entering the pipe. Condenser → host → evaporator. The copper pipe is connected by welding method. The interface is firm and beautiful. The wire diameter meets the requirements, and the wires are configured according to the performance of each electrical appliance. The joint is firm, and it can not be saved if it needs maintenance and the pipe is connected, and the power connection is correct. The wire enters the hole of the junction box of the evaporator and needs to be sealed with silicone. If the lamp is connected to a voltage of more than 36V, it needs a ground wire. The power input in the host electrical cabinet requires a three-phase five-wire system and reliable grounding. The probe and the temperature display probe are inserted into the evaporator return air port together, and the temperature control is fixed on the top plate.

The copper pipes of cold storage should be as straight as possible and fixed in sections. All copper pipes must be insulated and wrapped with air-conditioning cable ties together with wires in the same direction. The insulation pipe and the insulation pipe joint are tightly sealed with electrical tape.

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