Can I start the refrigerator immediately after it has been out of service for a long time


When using commercial refrigerators, many people start […]

When using commercial refrigerators, many people start them directly when they need to use them, and shut them down directly when they don't need to use them. In fact, this is wrong, because if the refrigerators need to be started immediately when they need to be used again after a long time of inactivity, the abnormal operation or non-operation of the main components of the refrigerator may cause more serious damage to the entire refrigerator. What preparations should be made before the refrigerator that has been out of service for a long time is used again?
(1) Clean the refrigerator: place the refrigerator in a ventilated position, open the refrigerator door/cover, and eliminate the odor generated by the environment in the cabinet due to long-term non-use; Use warm water added with neutral detergent to clean the inner tank of the freezer, the sealing strip of the freezer and the cabinet body, clean the exposed surface of the condenser with a soft cloth, and pay attention not to damage the condenser pipeline to avoid causing refrigerant leakage;
(2) Check whether the power supply is normal: check in detail whether the power supply line is intact and whether it can work normally, because the electrical power supply line that has not been used for a long time may have short circuit, aging or be gnawed by rats, so as to avoid unnecessary safety hazards, so it is urgent to check the power supply line;
(3) Freezer idling, check whether the refrigerator can operate normally: plug in the power supply to keep the refrigerator idling for a period of time, and check whether the main functional components can work normally. For example, if your refrigerator is air-cooled, first check whether the fan operates normally. The normal operation of the fan can ensure that the compressor works at normal temperature, and also ensure that the cooling capacity can be evenly and effectively transmitted to all corners of the refrigerator; Secondly, check whether the compressor can operate normally. In case of abnormal noise and vibration, you need to find professional maintenance personnel for further maintenance.
Note: In case of abnormal noise or shutdown, cooling failure, leakage and other faults, do not disassemble and repair by yourself, but invite professional after-sales maintenance personnel to inspect and repair at home to avoid expanding the fault range.

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