Air conditioners need to add fluoride in 11 cases


When does the air conditioner need to add fluoride? Sho […]

When does the air conditioner need to add fluoride? Should the air conditioner be fluorinated when the cooling and heat is insufficient? When it comes to adding fluoride to air conditioners, many friends will always have a series of questions, but when do we need to add fluoride to air conditioners? For this professional question, we consulted a senior expert to see how he can answer it for us.

In fact, in many cases, when the heating or heating of the air conditioner is insufficient or insufficient, we still first consider whether the air conditioner is malfunctioning or caused by incorrect operation, and the air conditioner will often encounter the failure of fluorine leakage, so blindly add the air conditioner The act of fluorine is undesirable.

So when does the air conditioner need to add fluoride? Today, I will give you a brief explanation.

When does the air conditioner need to add fluoride?

1. Used for more than 5 years;

2. The machine has been moved many times (part of the Freon will be consumed when the air conditioner is moved and empty);

3. In summer, the exposed part of the thick tube (ie the low-pressure tube) at the connection point of the outdoor machine does not condense or is not cold;

4. The exhaust fan of the outdoor unit is not hot in summer;

5. In summer, the return air pressure (thick pipe) is lower than 0.4 MPa;

6. The compressor operating current is less than the normal value marked on the nameplate;

7. The high-pressure pipe (thin pipe) is frosted in summer;

8. In summer, the internal unit of the air conditioner freezes or blows fog (sometimes there is water leakage from the internal unit);

9. It is not hot to touch the thick tube at the copper tube interface of the external machine in winter;

10. The air conditioner has leaks;

11. The air conditioner shuts down more than ten minutes after it is turned on (low pressure protection or overheating protection).

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