3 most common refrigerator repair problems reported


When it comes to owning a refrigerator, there are a num […]

When it comes to owning a refrigerator, there are a number of ways that come to the aid. Besides ensuring that the food stays fresh, one can comfortably get some ice to make their drink cold and for better tasting. However, there are usually some Common refrigerator repair problems that are reported by most people from time to time. Below are some of them.

1. Water is leaking into the refrigerator’s fresh food area

This usually happens with a blocked defrost drain; this usually happens when foods or other substances clog the tiny holes at the bottom of evaporator coils. In this regard ice can build up in large amounts and block the drainage area. As the ice buildup continues, it then reaches places where the ice cannot be sustained the way it is and as it result it starts melting instead of evaporating. If unplugging the fridge does not work, then calling a professional to install a drain heater is the best option.

2. Noisy refrigerator

This is another Common refrigerator repair problem that is usually reported. In this case the problem usually starts with hearing a noise that is distinct from the normal refrigerator functions. The noise which is usually sizzling to the ear usually occurs if you have ice buildup. The evaporator fan then hits on the ice buildup consistently as it spins about. In this case, calling a professional to fix the problem is important, as it can be hazardous as it can bring about an electrical shock.

3. The Refrigerator is not cold enough

This symptom is one of the most Common refrigerator repair problems that many suffer. This usually noticeable as the fridge and freezer compartment have a warmth in it and there is a defrost problem altogether. The coil at the back of the fridge is usually frozen, thus restricting air flow to the fresh food compartment and freezer area. When noticed you should call for repair services as soon as possible, as staying longer will make the refrigerator obsolete.

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